Imagine a golden age at the dawn of humanity when people lived in harmony with nature. Then fast forward to the 21st century when native peoples - Aboriginals, Native Americans who Respect earth and take only what they need from it - are brutally disposed in the name of ‘progress’ and the land is ravaged in the name of exploitative over-development.

At GREEN APPLE you can discover a new golden age, right here, right now. Green Apple draws on traditional, sustainable, skills and practices such as apple tree grafting, organic fruit and vegetable growing, grazing and composting to live in harmony with nature, not at odds with it. 

All groups from primary school children to senior citizens are welcome to come and learn these vital Techniques for the well-being of our planet and to


put them into practice, in Green Apple’s all weather Twin-span polytunnel gathering space, as well as out of doors.

Green Apple is literally a green space amidst a frenetic, commercially hyperactive world, with low-impact accommodation and a sense of endless possibilities for group activity with an environmental focus: Art workshops, self build in local timber, circle dancing and Tai Chi are examples of ongoing activities at Green Apple, to which visitors are welcome. Our future as a planet depends on our stewardship of natural resources: take heed of the wisdom of early mankind and primitive peoples and literally step back into the only possible future at Green Apple.

To learn more about Green Apple call John on 07791 654780

Empower your students to embrace sustainability in their own lives.